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5 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Improvements To Make Our Jobs Easier

Developers at Microsoft are laser-focused on streamlining Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 processes to ease use and increase productivity both in-cloud and on-premise. Key changes users can expect in this release include:

Streamlined integration with Microsoft Office apps

It can be tedious and time consuming to switch between tools and documents. The new release will allow users to seamlessly access various Office apps within CRM/mobile app including Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents. This upgrade should greatly improve the mood and productivity of users.

Personalized content

Office 365 users who are familiar with the powerful analytics features of Delve will be happy to see its inclusion into CRM. For those of you who do not yet use this app, Delve allows for document searches across Office 365 and OneDrive. Additionally, users will no longer need to specify a document title or location to find their information.

Cortana Integration

Have you met Cortana? Microsoft’s “personal” assistant has come a long way from the animated paperclip. Cortana responds to your voice and helps you find files on your PC, manage your calendar, track packages, and will even tell a few jokes. She adapts to your needs over time, improving your personalized experience and decreasing time you spend finding habitual items, add sales activities, accounts and opportunities.

CRM for Outlook

Ever have to pause your CRM search to dig through your emails? Have to find the contact, then the information you need, then copy and paste it into the CRM record? No longer. CRM 2016 will allow you to track emails, add contacts from within an email, or create new records to track emails through the browser (PC, Mac, or mobile).

Automated Personalized sales documents

You will no longer need to manually extract CRM data and plug it into Word documents to create account files such as quotes/orders/invoices, summaries, or product sheets. You will now be able to automate the task.



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