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Gain Insight Into Critical Data with Microsoft Discrete Manufacturing Software

Microsoft Dynamics for Discrete Manufacturing

With Microsoft ERP software for discrete manufacturing, your company can:

  • Facilitate global collaboration throughout a connected community of suppliers to quickly source and produce products.
  • Achieve the same visibility into suppliers’ processes and status as you have in your own manufacturing shop floor.
  • Offer unique and valued added services to customers.
  • Use trusted software built to emulate and integrate systems you already know: Microsoft Office, Outlook, servers, and more.
  • Drive customer satisfaction and up-sell to create repeat buyers.

Additionally, with our Microsoft Discrete Manufacturing ERP Software you can gain visibility into critical data across operations, such as:

  • Cost fluctuations
  • Cycle times
  • Project requirements
  • Supplier performance

There is very little room for error when it comes to reducing the costs of internal operations. ASC can help. Download our information sheet on the form above, call us at  (877) 590-4ERP or email us. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

Read our information sheet: “Microsoft Software for Manufacturers”

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