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Why Move from Quickbooks to Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains Software (GP)?

QuickBooks is good entry-level financial software for small businesses, but as your business grows, and both competition and business processes multiply, you will need a more robust and extensible financial system, like Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains software (Microsoft GP).

We are regularly contacted by Quickbooks users exploring ERP options in order to decipher their best next steps. Their current software frustrations include:

  1. Performance – frustrated by sluggish or not responsive systems.
  1. Security – the new financial manager requires secure, accurate data system which can be concurrently accessed by multiple users.
  1. Compliance – Software needs to be modified to help them conform to government regulations.
  1. Reporting and Analytics – Microsoft Dynamics GP has significantly more out of the box reports (600+) than Quickbooks.
  2. Multiple departments or lines of business – you need greater ability to centralize and integrate your data.

Microsoft GP financial software provides:

  1. Industry-leading functionality across financials, distribution, service, manufacturing, human resources and more.
  2. Runs on the Microsoft SQL Server database, which has proven scalability for hundreds of concurrent users.
  3. Allows users to work simultaneously throughout the same or different areas of the application.
  4. Empowers employees by giving them the right information, in the right format, with the tools they use every day.
  5. Finally, with numerous integration tools available, you can integrate Microsoft GP with countless other internal systems. The key is to eliminate double entry and extra work.

QuickBooks is a good software for startups. Once you reach a certain level of success, however, it’s time to find a solution that can grow and change with your business. Microsoft Great Plains is a great choice as your company grows and changes. If you are experiencing these limitations, give us a call and we’ll help you understand the next steps!

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