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You’ve made the choice to implement ERP/CRM for your business, but which one? Successful enterprise resource planning system implementations require:

With more than 15 years of experience and 350 implementations with Microsoft Dynamics, ASC distinguishes itself by uniting these four key ingredients.

Supplier Competence

As an experienced ERP/CRM software provider, ASC differentiates itself based upon the strength of our experience personnel, a proven implementation methodology, and our dedication to customer service. Combined these constitute the ASC Advantage.

Our Dynamics ERP software implementation teams are anchored by specialists in the specific Dynamics products and Microsoft platform technologies they support. Here there can be no substitute because this expertise ensures rapid hardware/software set-ups, knowledgeable training, and the experience required for on-time deployment. Consultants on our various teams have each deployed Dynamics more than 100 times. ASC resources are so proven that Microsoft relies on them to rescue troubled implementations. Additionally, ASC offers programmers/developers expert in the underlying GP, SL and CRM code. Again, there can be no substitute for proven programmers to assure timely, maintainable and effective customizations. Finally, where specialty applications apply (e.g. distinctive ISV offerings) ASC utilizes subject matter experts to augment our team—a philosophy consistent with rapid set-ups, expert training, and on-time deployment.

ASC ERP implementation process

ASC uses time-and-client-tested methodologies to facilitate the transition process.

ASC’s rigorous implementation methodology and project tracking practices begin with the initial sales process and continue through post implementation support and training. Our tools/practices include:

  • Needs Assessment and Dynamics Fit Analysis
    • Proof-to-Purchase, Pilot Project option
    • Infrastructure, Hardware Analysis
    • ROI Analysis and Price/Performance Alternatives
  • Budgeted, Detailed Project Implementation Plan
    • Project Schedules, in either MS Project or Excel Budget Hours Tracked per Implementation Steps
    • Ongoing Management Reports for Project Tracking and Forecast-to-Complete
  • Detailed Business Process Set-up, Modeling/Scenario Testing and User Training
    • Visual Flow Charts [Visio]
      • Business Processes Listed Per Module, Per Department, Per User
      • a) As-Is/To-Be Business Process Descriptions
      • Individual User Manuals/Desktop Procedures
    • Test, Test, Test—Schedules Tied to Project Deliverables/Budget
    • Train, Train, Train
  • Data Migration
    • Templates and Tools
    • Historical Data Alternatives
  • Go-Live Support
  • Ongoing Support

It is ASC’s final differentiator, our dedication to customer success, that delivers ERP excellence. Our customers seek suppliers who understand their business, and who listen. ASC knows the relationship between optimized business processes and ERP/CRM, and meaningfully translates/configures this relationship per our customers’ priorities. Furthermore, we understand that Dynamics ERP/CRM implementations are not easy especially because it represents extra work for the user community, and often adoption of new business practices. Therefore, we work with management and encourage team building to address these challenges head on. Our knowledge, demeanor and implementation methodologies (especially insistence upon documented “desk top procedures” and thorough training) tend to mitigate user community resistance and, most importantly, engender trust.

Software Fit: Comparing Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Choosing the correct Microsoft Dynamics ERP software package is crucial for successful implementation and adaptation. Microsoft offers four Dynamics ERP plus CRM, and the Microsoft “ecosystem” includes hundreds of ISV products that complement Microsoft’s offerings. The scope of these products overlap, and often the choice of the right Dynamics solution can be daunting. Our value-add is to meaningfully present Microsoft alternatives, and their comparison. Users find this professional, unbiased approach extremely valuable. This includes price/performance analyses regarding budget, product features, 3rd party offerings, in-house IT experience and mindset on customizations, on-going support expectations, and corporate growth goals. Options will be presented with importance attached to functions, costs and ease-of-use with the overall analysis focused on expected benefits versus cost to implement to (define and) assure return on investment requirements are understood. Also, we understand that ERP/CRM software selection, while extremely important, does not constitute the entire enterprise resource planning system. During requirements analysis we determine the type of solutions that apply–e.g. software, procedural, managerial, training, etc.–to establish realistic ERP software expectations and operating practices. For example, Dynamics GP tends to be a more out-of-the-box type solution and Dynamics AX an enterprise solution suited to support business process re-engineering. Correspondingly, GP implementations take less time and may support fixed bid installs whereas AX may offer numerous alternatives for a given requirement. (However, GP may be customized.)

Customer Commitment

Microsoft ERP transition datasets

One way ASC helps clients with software transition is by providing management tools to assure clean data transition, testing, and software training.

An Enterprise Resource Planning install is a substantial undertaking where both success stories and horror stories abound. As to the experience, both the customer and implementer assume responsibility for the outcome. At ASC, ERP implementation is something we do every day, whereas, for our customers it is a once in a decade(s) undertaking. Therefore we assume a responsibility to assist our customers in the following manner:

  • Provide check-off lists on hardware and facility requirements
    • Unfettered Data/System Access (at all hours) accelerates implementations
  • Provide general purpose training material (on accounting and manufacturing principals).
    • Assists users with fundamental ERP, BOM, Tax, principals
  • Work with our customers to establish realistic schedules.
    • When personnel works 40+ hour weeks, and ERP software requires an additional 5 to 10 hours per week, this planning is critical.
  • Determine a clean data set.
    • Often first overlooked/misunderstood; never forgiving.
  • List your 50 to 150 business processes that ERP incorporates and provide project management tools to track user training/adoption to master these.
    • “War room” settings help
  • Insist upon “book to bill” and “procure to pay” scenario testing because it is critical. Systematically report on progress, the true indicator for go-live preparedness.
    • Successful testing typically requires a 3-to-1 ratio regarding user time to consultant time. (Lack of training is the single largest reason ERP/CRM installs falter/fail.)
  • Work as a team with frequent management updates designed for success.
    • (If required) provide team building venues to create and sustain momentum.

Return On Investment

ASC knows the relationship between our customers’ business processes and business application software. We are comfortable to provide a return on investment analysis to assure investment requirements are met. We can compare your industry metrics to those of customers. The following are typical, although not exhaustive, lists of items we focus on:

  • Distribution
    • Improved Personal Productivity [Do more with less]
      • a. Direct (Reduced costs)
      • b. InDirect
    • Reduced Extraordinary Expenses
      • Expediting Fees – Vendor
      • Transportation Fees
      • Overtime
      • Charge Backs
    • Improved Cash Flow
      • Days Sales Outstanding
      • Inventory Carrying Costs
  • Manufacturing (The above plus)
    • Improved Inventory Accuracy
    • Understanding “True” Production Costs
    • WIP Reduction
    • Improved Scheduling to Meet Customer Ship Dates
  • Project Services
    • Personal Productivity
      • Back Office
      • InDirect
    • Improved Cash Flow
      • Reduced Invoice Cycle
      • Days Sales Outstanding
    • Improved Billing Accuracy
    • Improved Cash Management

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