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ERP Food Manufacturing

While all food manufacturing companies are unique, they all share a common objective of making and delivering high-quality products to their customers at the fastest rates and the lowest costs. That means success in food manufacturing ultimately not only requires the best quality products, but more cost-effective production with real-time order tracking times. Meeting these demanding qualifications requires the ability to make decisions based on accurate data and the best ERP manufacturing software is essential.

Advanced Solutions & Consulting, Co. delivers Microsoft Dynamics ERP programs that can help food manufacturing companies overcome business challenges and meet the unique and varied needs found in the industry. We offer BatchMaster software integrated with GP. Easy to adapt to your specific needs, Microsoft Dynamics ERP for manufacturing offers a familiar interface and tools to optimize processes for your business and serve multiple business models.

Microsoft’s food manufacturing ERP addresses industry issues head on, and offers solutions for many food manufacturing industry challenges:

  • Allows employees complete access to customer histories with detailed updates, purchasing history, and service requirements, allowing for better customer service while streamlining operations.
  • Processes are highly automated and electronically managed, thereby improving efficiency through standardized processes and easily shared best practices.
  • Provides purchase and inventory information analysis spanning entire network to reduce production and supply chain costs.
  • Offers easy-to-use and flexible reporting tools to consolidate reports and optimize contract management to improve responsiveness to demand.
  • Tasks and activities are summarized conveniently in one place. Project managers can then delve into each area to view more detail.
  • Integrates real-time information to accurately anticipate, plan for, and respond to manufacturing demand, as well as produce accurate forecasts with 360-degree business visibility.

ASC understands how important it is that the investment in your ERP system provides measurable results and a competitive edge over industry competition. With Dynamics ERP for manufacturing, you’re not just investing in ERP but in the proven, secure Microsoft technology “ecosystem.”  Microsoft has built its ERP manufacturing software within the context of its overall platform, including the Microsoft Office and Outlook email tools we are all familiar with. These are integrated with Microsoft’s underlying Windows server, security, SQL database, internet, document control and management reporting and dashboard tools. Their dashboards adhere to the conventions established in Outlook and Excel.

ASC is a certified Microsoft Partner and recipient of many industry awards, and we believe in a consultative approach to ERP software and implementation. We work in concurrence with each client to provide best practice ERP solutions for their unique industry challenges. Each of our customers benefits from our commitment to increasing ROI – not just for a year or two, but long term going into the future.

Get a jump start on your domestic and international competition and take your challenges head on with Microsoft Dynamics ERP for manufacturing. With Microsoft’s powerful technology for food manufacturing ERP, ASC can help you address the business challenges every food manufacturer faces, as well as your own unique needs. We can help you do more with less.

We have offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco/Silicon Valley and Las Vegas, as well as ERP support from our office in Pennsylvania. (And with today’s remote access tools we are able to service firms all over the country.) Find out more information on how you can dominate your competition – contact ASC today!

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